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    What are the advantages of getting Mini Dental Implants?

    What are the advantages of getting Mini Dental Implants?

    No one likes the idea of having dentures. They can be inconvenient. What if they come loose during that important presentation? Do you really want to have to watch what you eat all the time? How long will it take to get them installed? How much surgery will be needed?

    Fortunately, there have been some improvements in dentistry in the last few decades. Long-term mini dental implants make it possible for dentists to insert anchors directly into the jaw. This is done in one session and is classified as a non-invasive procedure. The mini dental implants act as an anchor for dentures.

    Mini dental implants make it possible to do away with bone grafting and help to speed recovery. If one was to have a full implant, there would be a need for extensive bone grafting. You would then need to wait for it to heal and the anchor to become firmly embedded before moving onto the next step.

    With mini dental implants, however, there is no need to wait. The anchor is screwed directly into the jawbone and acts in much the same way that the root of your tooth would. Because of the nature of the treatment, the prosthesis can be fitted the same day.

    These implants are normally used for the stabilization of lower dentures but it is possible to use them elsewhere in the mouth as well.


    What are the advantages of Mini Dental Implants?

    The procedure is non-invasive and quick to perform. Up to four of them can be implanted in any one session, reducing the amount of time that is spent at your dentist overall. Because there is no invasive surgery, healing time is reduced and pain is minimized.

    The small implants cut back on costs as well – less visits to your dentist’s office save you a good deal of money.

    You can look forward to fresher breath, better fitting dentures, doing away with adhesives or bonding agents, no gaps under the dentures for food to slip into, a permanent solution, lower costs, and a faster recovery time.

    The denture will be measured for fit according to the placement of the implants and have holes drilled into it to allow it to be anchored by the implants. Then the denture is simply placed into position. The denture will fit extremely well and will be held there for a lifetime. It can be removed whenever you like for cleaning.

    So, if you were looking for a permanent solution to secure your dentures, this is it.

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  • Posted by Apollo Clinic Chandigarh on March 24, 2018, 8:20 am

    nice, detailed article , it is true it is budgeted and less time consumption

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  • Posted by dental veneers gramercy park on April 5, 2018, 3:34 am

    Mini dental implants use a minimally invasive procedure, providing denture stability without the cost and time associated with full-size implant treatments.

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  • Posted by Tmj Treatment Gramercy Park on April 5, 2018, 9:27 pm

    Good information here, will advise my sister to follow up on this.

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  • Posted by Millie Hue on May 10, 2018, 5:48 am

    When we moved into this house, I had a little accident that caused one of my permanent teeth to get damaged. So I plan to remove it and get dental implants to avoid further issues in my oral health. It’s relieving to know that it can ensure that I will continue having fresh breath and having no worries of using adhesives or bonding agents. Thanks for the information!

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  • Posted by Khorae Olivier on July 2, 2018, 7:00 pm

    I found it very interesting when you talked about new improvements in dentistry in the last few decades helping with implants. My dad is having a couple teeth removed in a month and is considering his options to replace them. Thank you for the information about how mini dental implants can be done in one session and can anchor dentures.

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