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How have the years treated your smile? Do you have a special event coming up, Wedding? Holiday? Or just want a brighter smile? If your teeth show signs of yellowing or staining from caffeine, nicotine, and dark beverages, then your smile may make you look even older than your true age. At Midway Family Dental Center, we offer our clientele the most rapid and effective types of custom take home trays and teeth whitening gels. Our system can turn back the clock and give you an unforgettably white smile.

Popular, safe, and effective, teeth whitening has given patients across the world a reason to smile. Your appearance can affect you socially, emotionally, and even in business successes. People who smile with confidence are viewed as warm, inviting, and beautiful. Now, with professional teeth whitening systems, we can help you achieve the pearly whites of magazine models and movie stars.

How Tooth Whitening Works

Tooth whitening is a process by which the discolorations or stains on the teeth are chemically lightened. When a whitening product is applied to the teeth, it breaks down into water and oxygen ions. The oxygen ions enter the enamel and attack the long stain molecules to effectively break them down to be short and colorless. These short and colorless molecules are then naturally removed from the tooth by saliva. The intensity of whitening is related to the number of oxygen ions available and the length of time they are on the tooth.

There are various forms of tooth discoloration that can be whitened, including:

  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Smoking
  • Ageing
  • Disease
  • Medical treatment
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Genetic conditions
  • Fluorosis
  • Some medications
  • Some Illnesses

A whitening maintenance plan helps prevent the re-occurring build-up of stain molecules, ensuring your teeth are always looking their best.

Pola Teeth Whitening

For a limited time, Midway is offering a $225 special for 1 hour Teeth Whitening! Here’s the results you can expect:

Teeth Whitening

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